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We have launched and will be reaching you soon.

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Decarbonizing And Empowering A Sustainable Future For The Global $1.3 Trillion Circular Economy Ecosystem

WSBF Climate is a London HQ strategic climate action and decarbonisation enabling platform for the world launched by Merzi Sodawaterwala, the Founder of the World Sustainable Business Forum (WSBF) and Ranjit Baxi, the Founder of Global Recycling Day to empower the $1.3 trillion circular economy ecosystem across the globe to reshape a sustainable future.


Merzi Sodawaterwala

Merzi Sodawaterwala - Photo.JPG

Ranjit Baxi

Ranjit Singh Baxi_Logo_Global_Recycling_Day.jpg
Ranjit Singh Baxi_photo.jpg


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